A Winter Wonderland Feeling

Okay, I think the cat has been let out of the bag and my filter has been removed. I love winter. There, I said it and made it official. It didn’t take long this past Sunday for several people to notice that I was staring out the windows and doors of the church as snow began falling from the sky. I was enthralled. This Texan wanted the rest of the world to just come to a halt while he watched the snow come down and begin covering the earth. But, why? I am in fact from Texas, right?!

Well, I began thinking about this yesterday. When I reflected upon my history with snow, there were very few stories in which I could recall. I haven’t seen snow all that many times in my life. The number is probably close to a dozen or two times. However, with each of these memories, come happy thoughts. I never had to deal with a real long winter, shovel snow off the porch, sidewalk, or driveway. I certainly never had to walk long distances in the stuff. But, I do have memories of being a kid and looking out at snow as it began to fall. I had seen rain earlier in life, but was bewildered when this white powder would fall to the earth.

When I was in the 3rd grade, I saw snow for the first time when they took us outside during my Writing and English class. We got to actually play outside for a few minutes in the white powder. It was so much fun! Since then, every experience has been similar. I call it my Winter Wonderland Feeling.

My experience of snow has always been associated with my childhood wonderment. When I see snow today, I still feel like going outside and playing. I want to put on the snow boots and thick coat and head outside. I want to throw snowballs and, as the now famous song from Frozen says, “want to build a snowman.” Somehow, it seems that I can find a way back to the way of thinking as a child. I wish I could feel that way all year.

To feel like a child again. To have that wonder about life and the world around us. I think many of us feel that draw and the desire to feel that way again as we grow older. We look for ways to feel that way again. For me, it’s the snow.

Who knew that a Texan would love snow, right? But thankfully, it’s one of the gifts God gave to this Texan and he’s not about to give the gift up. So, I apologize if I seem to be enjoying this cold weather a bit too much. I’ll try and keep it tempered. In the meantime, I’ll be praying we can all find a way to get back to our childhood wonder. Perhaps, something in this Thanksgiving or Christmas will give you those same feelings. I’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing your stories as we reminisce, remember, and celebrate the wonders and joys of life together. Let us be thankful for those little joys and maybe we will find our Winter Wonderland Feeling.

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