365 Journal

Day 50- Last Day before Vacation (November 19th)

Our church administrator was sick today. So, I normally don’t come in early on Wednesday’s as they are my longer days, but today I had to make my way in by about 8:15 so I could cover the front office. It’s quiet up at the church today, and have been getting a lot of work done. However, I can’t help but think ahead. I’m so anxious to get on the road and out towards home. I leave for a 10 day vacation today and I’m so looking forward to spending a whole 10 days with my sweetie. It’s been 7 months since we spent more than 3 days together at a time. So, this will be great! It’s time at 5:30 this afternoon!

Photo on 11-19-14 at 11.30 AM

Day 49- CFP shows TCU at #5 (November 18th)

We took 2 1/2 hours this afternoon to work on our LED sign at the church. It was a lot of fun to work on but we still don’t have it fully functioning yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks we’ll have a working sign. BUT, tonight was hard to watch as TCU fell to #5 just sitting outside of the CFP. But that’s okay. There’s still a few weeks left and who knows what will happen in College Football these next weeks ahead! GO FROGS!Displaying IMG_2368.JPG

Day 48- Golden Adventurer’s (November 17th)

The Senior Citizen’s of our church had a great time today as we made our way out to the Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO. It was a great day trip and everyone seemed to have a blast. Not to mention, we had some fantastic food from Lambert’s as well. Such a good day with some great food, people, and adventures. Displaying IMG_2366.JPG

Day 47- Winter Wonderland & Preaching Wrong Text (November 16th)

We all make mistakes. Today’s mistake was almost comical. I had read the wrong text right before the sermon. It sounded strange at the 1st verse but there was no turning back by verse 3. Lol. I think I had become so distracted by the weather taking place outside that all I wanted to do was get back outside and enjoy the wonderful weather that was happening. Snow really does bring me just copious amounts of joy.

Displaying IMG_2348.JPG

Displaying IMG_2349.JPG

Day 46- TCU @ Kansas Scare- It’s NOT Halloween! (November 15th)

Thankfully I have patient family. As I watched the TCU game I thought I was back in Halloween and was just getting scared at every corner wondering if TCU was gonna lose to Kansas. Thankfully, we pulled off the win and I was able to find this out as I was making my way through security at the airport to make my way back to Kansas. Lol. Ironic? Maybe? I dunno. But, TCU wins 34-30. A Win is Win sometimes. Displaying IMG_2344.JPG

Day 45- Seeing A Brother from Another Mother (November 14th)

Today was fantastic. I got to see JJ for a couple of hours and hang out with family. JJ is definitely family and we got to have burgers, beer, and coffee, and just catch up on life for a while. It was well worth the time that was spent to be with him for just a couple of hours. Plus, he’s gonna be a Dad in just Six Months! Crazy cool! 

Day 44- Flying Home (November 13th)

Today I’m flying home to be with my Dad and Step-Mom for a couple of days. It’ll be nice to be home with them again, but with better circumstances than this past weekend 12 hr visit.

Day 43- The Crud (November 12th)

I just can’t seem to get over the crud. I’ve been sick for a full week now and I’m getting tired of it. No further thoughts on that…


Day 42- Back To Work (November 11th)

Today was back in the swing of things in the office. I’ve found it hard to concentrate today. Too much has been going on with family and life that I can’t seem to focus on anything but what had been happening in the past week. Lots to reflect on and process.  On a good note- The College Football Playoff Rankings put TCU @ #4 which means we’re in the CFP as of now!


Day 41-  Driving to Kansas (November 10th)

Today was nothing but driving. I dropped off my little sister, Cassie at the airport about 9:15 am and then drove from Houston to Kansas. It was a heck of 10hr drive but I made it. I wish I had taken a photo of my sister and I but I had let it slip my mind because of all the chaos. BUT the best part of the day was a great breakfast with mom and sister this morning. It was soooo good! (Photo below may not be what we had but it seemed like we ate this much and I didn’t take a photo of the meal…)


Day 40- Memorial Service for Grandpa (November 9th)

Today was the memorial service for my Grandpa, Marvin Morris. It was a great day of celebrating his life and I was honored to be a part of the service by giving the benediction. I’m thankful for his life and for the family that we have. If I grow to be half the man he was I’ll be in good shape of being considered a loving man.

Day 39-  TCU Beats up On Kansas State (November 8th)

I watched the TCU game tonight while Sara was reading. It was so nice to have an extra night to relax with her. She has been putting up with me being sick and I can’t thank her enough for her love and support during this time. TCU beat up on KState 41-20 and puts us in good position for football playoffs. However, the best part of the day was just relaxing with Sara most of the day while I try to recover from being sick.

Day 38- Sick Uckiness (November 7th)

Today, Sara and I packed up her office at FCC, which was a relieving feeling. Plus, we ran like 15 errands which was nice to get done. However, I was sick as a dog the whole day. Thankfully we went to the CareNow facility that night to get some medicine so I can hopefully recover before Sunday.

Day 37- Driving Home (November 6th)

Found out this morning that Grandpa passed away. It has been expected but was nonetheless hard to hear. I hope to be there this weekend for his funeral. Don’t know if I’ll make it or not. I’m going to pack for it anyway since I’m leaving to Sara this evening and don’t know what to plan for yet. I’m guessing I’ll be driving a lot in this vehicle the next few days.

Day 36- Long Days (November 5th)

Wednesday’s are generally pretty hard on my body. But it has been nice to see the beautiful fall colors come in despite all the long days I have like today. I’m anxious to get back home and I’m ready for a vacation. Thankfully, that’s just two weeks away now.

Day 35- College Football Announcement (November 4th)

Today TCU was place as #6 in the latest College Football Playoff ranking. I thought they needed a little more love over Alabama but I’ll certainly take this. Hopefully, we can win at Home this weekend with CFP #7 KSU visiting. I think we can.

On another side note, the election took place today. I was not able to vote as I’m not a registered Kansas voter and too far away from Texas to make my vote happen. (Yeah, I could’ve requested a ballot but didn’t do so in time.) I feel a sense of guilt about this as I was one vote that could’ve made a difference, but next year I’ll hope to make a difference by voting.

Day 34- Dad’s Birthday (November 3rd)

Today is my Dad’s birthday. This is throwback photo to about 2006, I think. We had done some family photos out in the front yard with everyone. So, while I don’t have a photo of my dad from today, I’ll have one in about a week or two again and this one will do to say, “Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!”

Day 33- Building Blocks (November 2nd)

It was interesting evening for youth group. We “tried” to begin building a Gingerbread House/ Church. It didn’t go so well. Alas, we still had fun playing with all these suckers!

Displaying IMG_2318.JPG

Day 32- Day of the Dead a.k.a. “TCU Beats WVU” (November 1st)

Following the lock-in, my resting heart rate was about 95. Way too high. I went home took a nap and got it done to about 80. Still high but not bad considering. Then, I watched the TCU vs WVU game. My heart rate had to have been over 100 for most of this game but particularly the last play of the game where Oberkrom send the ball sailing through the posts for a field goal and the winning score!

Displaying IMG_2314.JPG

Day 31- Trick or Treat Lock-In (October 31st)

This is way too much sugar and coke for me. It must be known, however, that I only had 1 cup of soda tonight at our lockin. The kids knocked them all back though and kept me up until 4:30am and woke me back up at 6:30am. lol. Twas a good lock-in nonetheless.

Displaying IMG_2308.JPG

Day 30- Social Media Day (October 30th)

Today, I worked on trying to get a better poster up for our social media project at the church. We are hoping to make a larger presence online. I felt that by making an iPhone out of Poster Board it would at least catch peoples attention. What do you think?

Displaying IMG_2302.JPG

Day 29- Sing Us A Song (October 29th)

I’ve been singing all day today. Like, everywhere I go, all I wanna do is sing! It’s been fun but I think I’m driving the rest of the world nutty.


Day 28- Bags “O” Creeper: Wah-Wah (October 28th)

Okay, so I went to the Trunk Or Treat hosted by LCC tonight. It was…interesting. Tons of kids were at the tables IN the park. But as for the trunks… there was only ONE trunk. Me. And it looked like I was being a creeper. Here’s a big white van (with our church name on it mind you), with a youngish man dressed up like a cowboy, offering candy and cute puppy (see adorable Sophia dressed up as a pirate below) to pet to lure children over. Yeah, sounds creepy doesn’t it? It went better than I thought but it sure did seem creepy. I left at dark to avoid any stink eyes. LOL.

Displaying IMG_2297.JPG

Day 27- Monday, Half-Day (October 27th)

Today is a half-day at work. I headed home after just a half-day in the office so I could be rested for the remainder of this week’s tough schedule. It feels nice to be home early, but I know what lays ahead with impending busyness. But, for now, I’m putting my feet up and gonna relax today.

 Displaying image7.jpeg

Day 26- Sunday Football and Youth Group with Sophia (October 26th)

Today was fun. Got to bring Sophia to Youth Group. The kids always love having her there and it was a good discussion today as we talked about Macklemore’s song “Wings.” It was a good discussion. See my post today for more info on my thoughts. 

Day 25- “Sorry Honey” TCU destroys Tech (October 25th)

This was a Saturday Sara didn’t want to watch the TCU game. As a Red Raider graduate she wasn’t about to watch this game. But, I still reminded her of the score with a repeated line of, “Sorry Honey.”

 Day 24- A Tardis Halloween Costume (October 24th)

After going to work with Sara, she and I headed home to work on our costumes and dessert for the halloween party. The top photo is my “Tardis” Costume that I made from a Cardboard box and Duct Tape (A Tardis is a Doctor Who reference if you’re wandering. It’s the Doctor’s time and space traveling machine) while the bottom two photos are Sara’s baking creativity coming out. She made “spider” cookies for the party. I would say we had a lot of fun making stuff and getting creative.

Displaying image5.jpeg

Displaying image4.jpeg

Displaying image3.jpeg

Day 23- Traveling Thursday (October 23rd)

So, really, I lost my hubcap today. I don’t know where, but somewhere in the streets of Parsons lies a hubcap that looks just like this one. I was about to travel home to see Sara when I noticed that my hubcap was missing. Just one. No one would steal one hubcap would they? Particularly a cheap one such as this. But, alas, it looks like I’m traveling with three pretty tires and one black eyed wheel on my way home tonight.

Day 22- Fall is slipping closer (October 22nd)

A little bit of real fall color is showing up here in Kansas. This is the tree in my front yard.

Displaying image6.jpeg

Day 21- World War I Memorial Museum (October 21st)

Today our GAC group (Golden Adventurer’s Club, a group for 65+ wanting to go out on monthly outings with FCC Parsons) went to the WWI museum in KC. It was fun and beautiful. It was emotionally exhausting and inspiring. Truly, it was a powerful trip.

Displaying image2.jpeg

Displaying image1.jpeg

Day 20-  Monday Blues and Chaos (October 20th)

So, what should I start with. So many events have been wrapping up and I need to get started on some others. But I need to put away and finish some of these last events before I can move on to the next…. Hmm…


Day 19- Sunday Funday Mission Work (October 19th)

Yesterday was a good day. It was an effective outreach for our church as we spent some time delivering food to some of our shut-ins. BUT, if I were to be honest, the best part of my day came while I was running. While out on my run, I saw two deer cross the road right in front of me and then 3 more just across the road from me. I had to stop and take a couple quick shots as they ran away.

IMG_2234 IMG_2232 IMG_2230

Day 18- Saturday TCU Game Day (October 18th)

Back on top! After a good full day of rest, I felt ready to watch some football. First of all, K-State Beat OU 31-30 (Good news so far), then West Virginia put a defeat on Baylor 41-27 (Wooo! Even better news!), and then TCU whomped all over Oklahoma State 42-9! I’d say this was a great day in Big XII Football.

628x471 url

Also, it happened to be the day I went to a gas station and watched (in Parsons, KS) 4 cop vehicles race down the street and pin a truck to the side of the road. This was followed by guns being pulled out, yelling at passengers to get out, 4 men down on the ground within 30 seconds as handcuff’s were applied to all 4 suspects. It was intense and awesome. I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of this event.

Day 17- Sleep, Don’t Move, Couch Friday (October 17th)

Today is just a picture of my bed. I never really left the house. I slept in, went out to the couch. Read, watched TV, and relaxed all day with a nap or two. It was much needed and felt so good to get some alone time.


Day 16- Coffee Keeps Me Awake (October 16th)

Today has been so tiring. I’ve been exhausted all day. It’s time to have a day off. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I’m sleeping, I think, all day.


Day 15- Fall Is Coming (October 15th)

I stepped outside this morning to see the leaves had all begun to cover the ground. It was a beautiful, peaceful moment. Fall is my favorite time of year followed by the Winter that comes afterwards. I love the colors of fall and I enjoy the cool air that comes in with it. There’s something so refreshing about fall and autumn leave colors.


Day 14- Back to Work (October 14th)

It’s back to the grind today! But in a good way. I’ll be out and about visiting some of our shut-ins and getting some things taken care of so our group will be ready for our outreach this Sunday. It’s a good day so far. But I’ll have to post the photo for this later. The best part of my day, however, was taking our dog, Sophia on a walk in the park. It was such a beautiful day.


Day 13- Sick at Home- I’ve got Heat again! (October 13th)

So, last night was miserable. After being sleep deprived, I went and got cold and wet at the Corn maze. Then I went home where I still didn’t have heat yet. I slept awful and woke up feeling miserable. I drank hot tea all day though, and then about 5-6pm or so, I finally had my heater fixed (see photo below)! It was so good to have heat in the house finally. I feel I’ll sleep a little bit better tonight.


Day 12- My, I haven’t slept enough Service/ Corn Maze (October 12th)

After getting in super late last night to Kansas after the TCU/Baylor game last night, I was the main guy at church. I was exhausted but got through. Then, I took the youth (12 of them! yay!) to a Corn Maze out in Independence, KS. I took a photo of me walking through the maze. It was really cool and a lot of fun. My group found all 6 hidden signs and got a free pumpkin out of it! 🙂


Day 11- TCU loses to Baylor in Stunning Loss (October 11th)

This was a tough one to swallow. TCU was up 58-37 in the Fourth Quarter, and we lost… I still can’t believe our defense gave up so many points. I’m almost at a loss for words. But most of the words I do have are a little bit tinged with anger, bitterness, and sadness.


Day 10- Date Night with Sara (October 10th)

Sara and I ventured off to Spiral diner, pictured below this evening. It’s our go-to place now. It’s Vegan and soooo tasty. I would suggest anyone go here, meat-lover, vegan, vegetarian or whatever other dietary thing your doing.


Day 9- Traveling Home to FW/ Cutting off the Epic Beard (October 9th)

After giving it some time to grow, it finally was driving Sara a little bit too crazy. So, because I love my partner more than my beard, I decided I better cut it off. Below is the sequence of getting it shaved off. From Epic, to Amish, to Punk, to Soul Patch, to Cleanly Shaven.


IMG_2181IMG_2182IMG_2185IMG_2187Day 8- It’s a Long Wednesday (October 8th)

It was a long day. I arrived at the church about 9:30am and left just after bell choir (which followed choir, which followed WOW, which followed work and meetings) at about 8:15pm. I’m tired. It was a good but long day.


Day 7- Meetings From Hell (October 7th)

Today was a day filled with meetings. Too many meetings. And they felt like they didn’t get anywhere. I couldn’t take a picture at the meetings, but here is a cartoon strip that accurately portrays my feelings for the day.


Day 6-  Getting the Lawn Baled– I mean… Cut (October 6th)

Today was an interesting day. I got my lawn “mowed” which really meant the grass was being baled as it was up over my knees by the time I got called someone to come help me out. Can you tell I don’t like to ask for help? Haha!


Day 5- Homecoming Sunday (October 5th)

Day 5 was Homecoming Sunday at Church. We had the group Redemptions Call come perform for us and they did a fabulous job. I have to admit I am a fan of old school style harmonies for a quarter. Sounds were welcome in the sanctuary as we celebrated our 142nd year for FCC-Parsons.

Day 4-  TCU vs OU and IceCream Social (October 4th)

Day 4 was full of good things. First of all, I got to watch TCU play Oklahoma, and WIN 37-33 in a fantastic game. Secondly, I got to make homemade freezer ice cream that turned out fantastic. The image below is the process of making it.

Day 3-  Dentist Office (October 3rd)


I spent my morning in the Dentist’s office getting a few teeth fixed up. Last week I spent two different days there totaling three visits now. (1 Cleaning, 2 for getting fillings- one day for one side of mouth and the second for the other side) I’m feeling extra numb today as the Dentist had to give me an extra few shots to get me numb enough to work. I’m not so happy about that, but glad that it’s all been taken care of now.

Day 2- Juggling (October 2nd)


This is a photo of juggling balls. I learned this summer some basics on how to juggle. It’s a new skill I’m trying to learn. I can’t say I’m very good at it yet, but when I get into thinking mode or break, I’ll take a few minutes and try to juggle. So far, I can make it about 10 seconds or about 10-15 tosses without missing one.

Day 1- Office Door (October 1st)


My office door. This is the door I unlock each day I come into work. It reminds me of the people I truly work for. The ones that we call children and youth are my boss. They help challenge the way I teach, preach, and even study to present God to them in new and interesting ways. They also give to me probably far more often than I can give to them.


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