This is a blog created for the sole purpose of speaking out for love in the world. It’s not created to bash religion nor for support. Rather, this blog will serve as an outlet of thought on how we can better be neighbors.

Looking at mission work, music, pastoral counseling, youth groups, those on the fringes of our society, sports, current events, and many other musings I invite us all for a conversation on how to become the necessary love in the world that we all so desperately need. It’s time for us to be those actors of love for ALL our neighbors.

The Author of this blog is Rev. Jonathan Brink. He is a graduate from Brite Divinity School MDiv 2013, and currently works at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Parsons, KS. Recently, Jonathan was married to Rev. Sara Beckham and they currently reside in two different states while Sara finishes her education at Brite.

Follow me on twitter at: Rev_Brink

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