What Would You Do?

images-1The other day, kind of out of nowhere, I asked Sara what she thought about our future kids (should we decide or be able to have any) playing sports. I was asking for a specific reason, but she seemed to catch on quite quickly why I was asking.

Recently, we’ve seen so many injuries of young people, and some of which, have caused the death of the student due to the blunt trauma to the head and/or neck. I believe it was just two friday’s ago that three teenagers died from broken necks in one night. It’s a horrible thing to hear about and I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents and families of these kids are going through. Continue reading

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Silent Violence

domestic-violence-statistics-men-silence-300x200Why do we look the other way in so many instances of violence? I’m not talking just about physical abuse, I’m talking about the radical violence of ostracism, classicism, racism, heterosexism, sexism, and ignorance. It’s the silent violence. It’s the silence about the issue, it’s our silence to our approach to folks suffering through the problem, and it’s our glances that look the other way when we don’t know what to do that makes this silent act of violence.

Violence is unfortunately a large part of our media today. We see so many instances of violence all around the world. Violent acts are committed just about every second and they start from being next door and moving down the street, around the block, in town, out of town, out of state, and around the world. The violent acts range from murder to prejudice, from sexual abuse to domestic violence, and from child abuse to self abuse (among many other types of violence). There are so many acts of violence today that we tend to become numb to them over time. Continue reading

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Starting a New Page

365-challenge-image1Is it just me or does anyone else ever get in a rut? You know, the ones where you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere but is standing still? I’ve certainly felt that way.

Recently, I saw a friend begin posting a photo a day for 365 days. I really liked the idea of this. Quite a bit, in fact. But, I have one problem… Can I really take the time for 365 days to take a photo and post it? The answer: I have no idea, but I might as well give it a try. Continue reading

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What Do We Give vs How Do We Live

15925ae063837e05826a9428fc203793It doesn’t take a genius to understand that when you want something you have to do something to get it (or at least that’s how it normally goes). Whether that be saving up money for a vacation trip, or buying food to fill our hunger, we have to act upon something in order to solve the problem that lies before us.

We are constantly making decisions throughout each day to solve each problem as it arises and we spend so much time trying to make our lives better. However, what we seem to miss out on the most is how to truly make our lives better. Continue reading

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An Interfaith Conversation is Less About Change and More About Relationship

inquiry-and-advocacyIn the last few years I have had a lot of conversations on faith. This whole “going to seminary thing” certainly warranted such conversations. Upon my graduation I had so many people tell me, “Now, go save lives, Jonathan and change the world. Time to bring people to Jesus.” I felt the weight of the world placed upon my shoulders and, suddenly, what I had been called to do didn’t really match up with the expectations others had of me as a Pastor.

What to do, what to do…

I spent most of my theological training having conversations with others. It was a unique experience of constantly being immersed in faithful conversations about faith and what it means to believe in God, seek after God, and help others see God. But they were mostly that– conversations. I noticed something rather unique at my divinity school that I have yet to experience anywhere else. When people entered into a conversation, it was less about changing the mind of the other and more about the relationship as they learned from one another. Granted, this wasn’t always the case. Continue reading

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Our Grey World: A Call to Love

Did you know that the color grey is even gray in its spelling? How ironic is that? It can be spelled either “gray” or “grey” and still be considered correct. It is more common to be “gray” in American English, but I guess it’s a little bit of my partner, Sara, rubbing off on me when I say I prefer the more British spelling “grey.”

Recently, I’ve begun a project. I have two goals in mind. I want to expand my writing skills and I want to write my first book. I don’t have a time frame exactly in mind, but the hope is to finish the book by this Christmas. I already have a subject matter in mind and even a working a title with chapters as well. The title, “Our Grey World: A Call to Love” will be my first venture of, hopefully, many. Continue reading

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Ferguson: Thoughts of Love

APTOPIX Police Shooting MissouriIt doesn’t take long for most folks to look at what has happened in Ferguson and to have some kind of (typically) strong reaction.

I have seen all over Facebook many varied responses ranging from anger and sadness to disillusionment and unbelief and then back across to judgment and justified rage. What’s amazing to me is that, without facts, many people have reacted towards the case with such fervor. Admittedly, my first response was one of justified anger against racism. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or where you’re from though.  Many folks have felt this case hit home a little hard. Continue reading

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