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The New Church…

The following post is a post actually given by Andrea Hall. It addresses the much needed conversation on the necessity of Sunday School, or rather, the lack of necessity. In my own opinion, Sunday School needs to come to a … Continue reading

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To Be More Like a Child

I recently began working at in Parsons, KS. Our Senior Minister here, John, often refers to the children who have ┬ápre-school at the church, as a great therapy session. At first, this might sound a bit odd but if you … Continue reading

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Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

I recently saw an article that had been posted on Facebook by a friend. After I watched the video I was both terribly awe-struck with sadness and was also moved by the necessity of talking about homelessness in a new … Continue reading

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Not Far From Home

Do you ever think about child abuse? I mean, really think about it the great tragedy that is taking place all over the world? Child abuse takes place in more ways than one and so much of it happens right … Continue reading

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The awful things we hear…

We’ve all heard them. If you’ve ever been in a discussion about religion and sin, chances are, you’ve heard this phrase (particularly if you’re from the Southern half of the U.S.): “Love the sinner; hate the sin”– And this is … Continue reading

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For Veteran’s Day

This video has apparently gone viral. I just want to post one question that I’ve heard said about this… What would it be like if we saw the potential in every human being rather than just seeing their outside appearance?

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Part 2: The Physical Self

Okay, so, it’s been a week. I somewhat did that on purpose and somewhat did it because I was becoming too busy. Rather, I wasn’t intending to take a week to get back to this, but I got so busy … Continue reading

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