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Sex Education– What’s missing?

When we talk about sex today, we often don’t talk about sex. We talk about the euphemisms and ignore the real talk that would help many young people. Here are some thoughts on faith and sex. Sex Camp– aka 8’ers Camp In the … Continue reading

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The New Church…

The following post is a post actually given by Andrea Hall. It addresses the much needed conversation on the necessity of Sunday School, or rather, the lack of necessity. In my own opinion, Sunday School needs to come to a … Continue reading

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The Seven Day Church

Have you ever thought about what church will be like in the future? What if Church really did fully expand beyond the point of Sunday and Wednesday (or whichever two days a week your church runs)? Talking about the future … Continue reading

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On the Fringes of Society

Most people have differing groups, clubs, societies, pubs, churches, pub-churches, schools, associations, etc… that they are a part of that make them feel welcome. Most people. Then, there are those who are thrust to the outside of our society. They … Continue reading

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Magnanimously: Part 2

Yesterday, I spoke about bullies and how the effect of bullying has hurt the children of the world. What I further began to speak on, was how the church’s role has affected the bullying conversation. The truth about most of … Continue reading

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Are Young People Really Lazy?

One of the frequent things I’m told is… “You’re an exception to the rule but most people your age are so lazy.” It’s their nice way of saying, “I don’t understand why you take a Sunday off at all. Back … Continue reading

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Good Question

Why aren’t we putting more youth in leadership positions? Good question. It seems to me that most of the time we are talking about how youth are the future of the church. And that’s exactly what we mean. They are … Continue reading

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